Tree trunks used as columns

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Such a basic way to build!
We are working on a project which will have porch columns made out of tree trunks. I’ve been collecting photos of them for reference:



Found word: stoop

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I grew up with this word, the steps and small porch in front of your door. It’s not a porch but it can be a place to hang out. Apparently used more in the north and east, people in the south don’t necessarily know what it is. I once left a note for a delivery to be left on the front stoop and returned to find the messenger wandering around looking for where to put my package!


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Memorial City Mall, 10.9.11


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Daniel Buren at MOMA
I was struck by the calm I felt when I entered the gallery containing Daniel Buren’s twelve striped canvasses. Each one started as yardage intended for awnings. Then Buren added a pure white stripe in paint at either side. Unframed, they touch the floor and extend to varied, uneven heights. The art changes the room. The rest of my visit at the museum was spent seeking out art that also changed the room. Whole-wall pieces. Or repetitive textures. Architectural art.


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Next to the birds

Believe it or not, this pattern was on the wall adjacent to the wallpaper birds shown earlier. Maybe that’s what made wallpaper interesting- the juxtaposition.


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Soho entry
This door looks like it might have been made by Louise Nevelson if she had worked in steel. 20111004-040451.jpg


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Movie on the wall.
This was taken at the Bryant Park Grill, a great choice, thank you Anne W.


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Dehydration paper?


We discovered these amazing “papers” at the New York Central Art Supply”. Made from dried, impossibly thin slices of vegetables and fruits, it seems like they might make lovely window coverings.


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Hotel seventeen
Not usually a fan of wallaper but sometimes if you look long enough it is interesting.


Buried treasure!

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A whole bucket of furniture legs!
These legs once elevated bookcases and storage pieces which now sit directly on the floor. Is it time to replace them? The cycles of design…