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October 20th, 2012 § 0 comments

I commissioned a quilt!

Last spring I saw a quilt in a friend’s Etsy shop that reminded me of Joseph Albers’ color studies during Ms. Evans’ basic design class, freshman year. I sent an inquiry email to my friend and the project was off and running. This quilt will be big enough to cover our bed in the Rockport house and it derives its colors from the many colors already there. Here is a photo of the pieced top in progress:

The great combinations of the solids and batiks are a credit to my friend Barb’s innate color sense We recently met to coordinate the actual quilting which, in contrast to the straight pieced lines, will be an overall spiraled pattern.



So exciting in fact that I tried my hand at some of the color piecing – these are paper studies made into greeting cards.  The “batiks” here are colored pencil pattern over colored paper.  And instead of “stitching” the pieces tight together, I left spaces between the blocks, highlighting the not-always-so-straight lines of the shapes.  I learned that letting things be random is all just fine except that it often leads to having to control things so like colors don’t touch.  A great lesson in conscious letting go!



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