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I commissioned a quilt!

Last spring I saw a quilt in a friend’s Etsy shop that reminded me of Joseph Albers’ color studies during Ms. Evans’ basic design class, freshman year. I sent an inquiry email to my friend and the project was off and running. This quilt will be big enough to cover our bed in the Rockport house and it derives its colors from the many colors already there. Here is a photo of the pieced top in progress:

The great combinations of the solids and batiks are a credit to my friend Barb’s innate color sense We recently met to coordinate the actual quilting which, in contrast to the straight pieced lines, will be an overall spiraled pattern.



So exciting in fact that I tried my hand at some of the color piecing – these are paper studies made into greeting cards.  The “batiks” here are colored pencil pattern over colored paper.  And instead of “stitching” the pieces tight together, I left spaces between the blocks, highlighting the not-always-so-straight lines of the shapes.  I learned that letting things be random is all just fine except that it often leads to having to control things so like colors don’t touch.  A great lesson in conscious letting go!




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Recently I took all my basket-making supplies to Rockport and last weekend, when we were down there, I made a set of three baskets from a pattern I found on line. These are called “Cat Head” baskets which, as Will pointed out, look like a cat’s head only if you turn them upside down and imagine that the points of the base are the ears. Here are largest two baskets. The shaping of the head was the new challenge for me. At about the third row, you start pulling the bottom of the basket toward you and the sides out. After about 2 inches of that, you start reeling in the weave a bit. I was very pleased with the result, especially the nesting aspect of them.
Many thanks to Baskets ‘N the Works of Spring, Texas for posting this free pattern! http://www.intheworks.net/nesting_cat_head.htm


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Napoleon from France?

I do’t think so. This is construction site folk art. A house addition our office designed is under construction and was seen “wearing” this drawing on a soon to be painted wall. Wonder who the artist is?


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Seeing them everywhere!

This in the window at Boxwood next to Fiesta.

And there are some on the fence!

And yet another surprisingly similar bench in the Heights.

Emerged at last.

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This fellow took just a little while after this photo was taken to find his way out into the big world.


Found: color

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Day after St. Patrick’s Day!

Look what drifted over the fence! There was a big loud party in the street just 3 blocks away so it’s not too surprising that the aftermath is still with us.
The seedlings are of the hyacinth bean plant. They must be related to Jack’s magic beans judging from the rate they are growing.



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This building, the headquarters of Longaberger Baskets in Frazeysburg, Ohio, gives a clear message of the company’s business. It was built in 1997 to fulfill the vision of Dave Longaberger. Apparently, Dave was known to pull practical jokes so when he announced plans for this building, people thought it was a joke. Well, here is the result!

And when I saw this basket at a thrift store, a little bit worse for wear, I knew it’s pedigree thanks to knowing the building. I took it home, cleaned it up, and now I own my own Longaberger basket!


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Man caves to be exact.

The question is, what kind of man would admit to merely leasing a man cave?

What might you find in this store?

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Pawn shop
Such happy paintings! The artist gave each object its own cartoon personality.